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  • Kaye Taylor and Stephanie Wilson

    SK Chase

    Blurred lines - the convergence of data, marketing and revenue management.

  • Filip Kühnel


    The Future of PMS Platforms.

  • Marc Mekki


    A billion new customers

  • Ismail Al Kamal


    Flipping the OTA model on its head

  • Robert Fryers


    Insect Pest Monitoring: The Internet of Things Revolution

  • Robert Bruza


    Why Brands Can''t Ignore "Immersive" Advertising

  • Erik Tengen


    How data and storytelling is revolutionizing the way we upsell

  • Bruno Gavino


    Panel Session: Digital marketing trends for 2019

  • Olivia Byrne

    Eccleston Square Hotel

    Panel Session: The Game-Changing Innovations and Trends for 2018

  • Thomas Magnuson

    Magnuson Hotels

    There is an alternative to Franchising

  • Magdalena Osmola

    Macdonald Monchique Resort, Portugal - Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

    Integrated Marketing for New Hotel Opening

  • Rob Paterson

    Village Hotels

    Exploring barriers to transformation from Legacy to Next-Gen technology

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25th & 26th September, ExCeL London

The rise of smart hotels in Singapore

Hotels were initially concerned that robotics was “gimmicky”, but pilot programmes have since proven that robots can “enhance customer service and improve productivity”, Ong added.


Five trends driving the hotel industry for 2018

Hotels recently have put emphasis on technology to advance the guest experience and hotel operations, but it’s a new year and it’s time to evaluate the next big trends to drive the hotel sector forward. We look at the key drivers and the trends that are more likely to dominate.


Disruption: Driving Change for the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is still predicted to face disruption in 2018 due to the rise in popularity for Airbnb as well as growing competition in the food and beverage space.


3D & VR Spaces for Hospitality: What's the deal?  

The focus of using 3D and VR in the hospitality trade is to 'match the excitement' of your customers by providing a platform that quite literally says


The Impact of Smartphones on Hotels

Developments in technology are playing an ever-increasing role in the evolution of the hospitality industry. Hotels are achieving exceptional levels of consumer exposure thanks to the rise of search engines, social media and, above all else, smartphones.