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  • Kaye Taylor and Stephanie Wilson

    SK Chase

    Blurred lines - the convergence of data, marketing and revenue management.

  • Filip Kühnel


    The Future of PMS Platforms.

  • Marc Mekki


    A billion new customers

  • Ismail Al Kamal


    Flipping the OTA model on its head

  • Robert Fryers


    Insect Pest Monitoring: The Internet of Things Revolution

  • Robert Bruza


    Why Brands Can''t Ignore "Immersive" Advertising

  • Erik Tengen


    How data and storytelling is revolutionizing the way we upsell

  • Bruno Gavino


    Panel Session: Digital marketing trends for 2019

  • Julien Touraine

    Availpro SAS

    Panel Session - High tech hotels: Streamlining your Operations

  • Simone Puorto

    Simone Puorto Consulting

    Panel Session - AI: An insight into the future

  • Benedetta Cassinelli,

    Considerate Hoteliers

    Panel Session - High Tech Hotels: Streamlining Your Operations

  • Olivia Byrne

    Eccleston Square Hotel

    Panel Session: The Game-Changing Innovations and Trends for 2018

Hotel Facilities Expo runs alongside the below shows
25th & 26th September, ExCeL London

Increase Profit Margin by Selecting the Right Mobile Ordering System

It’s a well-known fact that E-commerce increases revenues in all types of businesses.


The Hotel You Can Ski On!

The roof invites guests to ski down towards the slopes of Vallée de Joux, and five zig-zagging room slabs expand into a gently sloping exterior path, leading directly to the museum and local ski trails


The First Luxury Space Hotel to Open in 2021

Guests will have to partake in an intensive three month training to ensure they understand basic spaceflight, orbital mechanics and life in pressurised environments in space, before they visit the hotel


How Wi-Fi Can Make or Break Your Hotel

For hotels to improve their guest experience and increase revenue, balancing security with ease of access is essential


A Digital Key That Fits Every Hotel Lock!

The device will take data from any card whether it’s fully functional or not and will grant the user access to nearly any room in the hotel within just a few minutes.


A smarter way to save water

Showering is an area with high water and energy consumption – especially in the hotel industry – and therefore an area for intervention


How to create the ultimate bespoke feature wall using digitally printed wallpaper

ATADesigns worked on a design for the London Marriott County Hall project with RPW Design. They wanted to change the size and colour-way of an existing design to match their project colours.


Green solutions to improve your profitability

Studies have shown that when people feel more relaxed and positive in their mind-set they will spend up to 12% more on the same products in an area that included planting!