Arthur Waller: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Arthur Waller

Product Manager -

How does data influence hospitality industry decisions?

About Arthur Waller

Arthur Waller is a co-founder and former CEO of PriceMatch, a start-up aimed at industrializing and democratizing yield management. Arthur studied economics and econometrics at Ecole polytechnique and Sciences Po. Using his skills in economics, econometrics, software engineering, PriceMatch developed a SaaS platform offering revenue management solutions to hospitality. As PriceMatch’s growth took off and its future became more and more secure, Arthur and his team were approached by After a short period of negotiation, PriceMatch was sold to, after which Arthur moved to Amsterdam to join BookingSuite as a Product Manager – a position that allows him to continue to help hoteliers.

The increasing use of data in today’s economy is both an opportunity and a challenge. Join BookingSuite’s Arthur Waller and discover how this explosion of data is influencing the way decisions are made in the hospitality industry.

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