Barrie Dumper: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Barrie Dumper

Churches Fire

The failings of Fire Risk Assessments and what to look out for

About Barrie Dumper

Barrie has over 25 years of experience in the fire safety industry and has had active roles on various trade committees including BAFE, IFEDA & British Standards.
Barrie started his fire career as an Extinguisher Technician in 1992 and has worked his way through the company performing a variety of roles over time. Barrie is compliance focussed; he introduced the British Approval Fire Equipment Qualification (BAFE) to Churches Fire service technicians. BAFE supplies a technical specification that each product or service must meet in order to be registered.
Barrie is an expert in fire safety and his talk will help you get to grips with your responsibility in hotels in order to keep your property and people safe.

The starting point of your fire regulation compliance is a sufficient fire risk assessment completed by a competent person/company. In this seminar the presenter will illustrate typical failings; from inadequate fire risk assessments to insufficient servicing to fire systems, fire doors and inappropriate fire escape routes. The presenter will run through the responsibilities of the competent person, what to look out for and how these failings can be avoided to keep your property, residents and your staff compliant and protected.

Theatre 9 - Wednesday 11.00 - 11.30

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