Erik Tengen: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Erik Tengen


How data and storytelling is revolutionizing the way we upsell

About Erik Tengen

Hi there! I’m a Swedish entrepreneur living in beautiful Amsterdam.

My specialty is to inspire other people to dare. What makes me genuinely happy is when people tell me that after having talked to me, they want to break free of old habits and give their own visions a fair chance.

Talk to me about: Hotel technology. Golf, Skiing, Techno and DJing. Entrepreneurship & Presentations/Pitching.

Speak soon!

Upselling, when done right, can have amazing results: Increase ADR and RevPAR. Happier guests. Upselling can even save the planet.

To be really successful, we need to know: How can we make it so appealing that a guest will buy what we offer, when we offer it, at the price we want them to pay?

Welcome to a fun, inspiration-packed presentation on becoming a leader in upselling.

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