Hugh McLean B.A. (Hons) LL.B.: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Hugh McLean B.A. (Hons) LL.B.

Eversafe Technologies

Securing Documents, Data and Personal Property in the Digital Age

About Hugh McLean B.A. (Hons) LL.B.

Hugh McLean is the founder and CEO of Eversafe and the inventor of the patented Eversafe “Secure Portable Encasement System” and the Eversafe SafeDock. An international lawyer, former diplomat and entrepreneur Hugh founded one of the Caribbean’s largest offshore law firms and private trust company and spent 25 years travelling to over 40 countries representing HNW clients, many of whom were themselves patent holding inventors. Born in Canada, Hugh graduated from the University of Guelph in 1980 before attending law schools in both the US and Canada graduating from the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor in 1983. A citizen of 4 countries Hugh moved to the UK in 2005 with his family and established Eversafe in 2015. He now splits his time between the US, Canada, UK and wider EU where Eversafe has operations.

Tech-enabled professionals who travel extensively, or who work remotely, would find themselves completely ‘neutralized’ should their key tools be lost or stolen. This seminar identifies the risks associated with the loss of personal property in the digital age, the implications of data protection legislation and GDPR, addresses currently available practices, and proposes solutions for how the hospitality industry can mitigate these risks.

Keynote 1 - Tuesday 15.30 - 16.00

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