Ismail Al Kamal: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Ismail Al Kamal


Flipping the OTA model on its head

About Ismail Al Kamal

Ismail is a Project Manager by experience and computer engineer by education. He loves designing, building and teaching the Internet of Things. In 2009, Ismail joined the family business as Project Manager and led the construction work of more than 5,000 guestrooms for several branded hotels in Saudi Arabia including the largest Holiday Inn in the world. He has strong views about the hospitality and tourism industries and builds software and hardware solutions through his start-up Nawatt that challenges the status quo bringing a fresh perspective on how things should be.

The OTA-Hotel rivalry has been ragging for many years. It’s time to flip that model and talk about empowering travellers. Securing the best deals and experiences entails bringing the hotels to the travellers and not the other way around and in this talk, we’ll tell you how.

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