Kaye Taylor and Stephanie Wilson: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Kaye Taylor and Stephanie Wilson

SK Chase

Blurred lines - the convergence of data, marketing and revenue management.

About Kaye Taylor and Stephanie Wilson

Business partners Kaye Taylor and Stephanie Wilson co-founded SK Chase, who pioneered digital gift voucher technology over 14 years ago and who remain the market leaders in the UK luxury hospitality sector, with international reach. Coming from Marketing and Revenue Management backgrounds respectively, they have a deep understanding of the principles of both fields.

Transformation has been a common theme in both their lives. Technology advances at an exciting pace and SK Chase is in the process of ground breaking transformation – to realise its own and its clients’ potential.

As well as owning SK Chase, they also successfully run talks about unlocking human potential in different settings including businesses and not for profit. Kaye is naturally drawn to working with people and businesses who are open to realising the source of all transformation and experience. A present and insightful leader, Stephanie instinctively sees what’s next.

What happens when data, marketing and revenue management meet? Transformation. We''ll reveal how the three are intertwined and how this awareness can result in venue''s realising their potential, whilst honouring and protecting their brand.

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