Robert Bruza: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Robert Bruza


Why Brands Can''t Ignore "Immersive" Advertising

About Robert Bruza

Robert Bruza is the CEO of Advrtas; the world’s leading programmatic Immersive Advertising solution. Based in Los Angeles, Advrtas leverages emerging Immersive Media formats like 360 degree, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality content to help brands better connect with consumers. Advrtas offers brands the logical entry point to start leveraging Immersive Media today for advertising with 360 VR ads that can be delivered programmatically to more than 3 billion smartphones in the world today, no headset required, via the existing digital ad channels.

Robert has over 25 years of sales and company management experience, has founded five startups, won an Emmy Award for best in new media and worked with nearly every major U.S. media brand. Today, Robert is spearheading a team of experienced professionals who are pioneering the development of disruptive ad technology while exploiting advancements in Immersive Media & the Internet of Things.

From 360 videos on social to VR experiences at conventions, odds are you’re aware of 360 & VR. But did you know Immersive 360 & VR can be used for advertising today reaching nearly every mobile device & computer in the world? With benefits from banishing banner blindness to lifting ad engagement, we’ll show you why if you ignore the power of Immersive 360 VR ads you do so at your brand’s peril.

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