Robert Fryers: Speaking at Hotel Facilities Management Expo

Robert Fryers

Insect Pest Monitoring: The Internet of Things Revolution

About Robert Fryers

Robert Fryers is an engineer and product developer with 10 years’ experience developing IoT wireless sensors for everything from F1 cars and medical implants to factories and homes. He has a first-class degree in Electronic
Engineering from the University of Cambridge and has been managing his own product development company since 2013 and is a founder of’s team are working to bring about a revolution in the way the hospitality industry approaches pest control. Their small, discreet products use low cost sensors and machine learning to provide 24/7/365 detection and identification of insect pests at the very early stages of infestation. This protects hotels from complaints and reduces treatment costs by allowing the hotel to intervene before guests are even aware that insects are present.

Insect pests are a growing problem for hoteliers. Failing to detect them before your guests do can be damaging to your reputation and bottom line.
Until recently, manual inspection was the only option for keeping on top of the problem. In this seminar we will mdiscuss recent advances in high-tech monitoring solutions that can save you time, money and protect your reputation by alerting you early, before guests are affected.

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